Nope. Don’t like the pants. Garrett Hedlund on the cover of W – check out those pants. But it’s all good above the waist, right? I’m thinking he may have been a little too green to say no to those pants. Or, maybe he didn’t care. Maybe he’s all like – I grew up on a ranch, I don’t know about these people and their fancy clothes. I’ll wear ‘em, and then I’ll go back to my jeans and it won’t mean a thing.

I’ll enjoy it now. Because one day he won’t be such a novice. And it’s pretty cute watching an actor, who isn’t too up his own ass, with new and sudden opportunities, learning how to navigate the oppressive spotlight. If you start at the beginning, the changes can be remarkably shocking.

Last night for instance was Hedlund’s first time on a talk show. Kimmel took it easy on him. He was awkward. He told a dumb story. He has a high pitched giggle/laugh... it was like dousing my quiver with acid, and thankfully he tempered it in the second half of the interview and balanced it with some adorable gawky enthusiasm that is, right now, rather irresistible. Also...he’s hot and looks great in that suit. A lot better than he did at the TRON: Legacy premiere on Saturday. Garrett is also really bad at photos on the carpet. It took a long time for me to sort out these passable shots from the horribly dorky lookin’ ones. He is much better in movement, and you’ll see this from the video below. So green, right? Remember this and compare it to what he becomes in a year, year in a half. See how it changes. It’s fascinating.

Right now though we’ve a long way to go before this boy from the Midwest is like that other boy from the Midwest... Brad Pitt...what?

Hey, it wasn’t me. It was Gwyneth.

December issue of Vogue, Angelina Jolie on the cover. Page 230 there’s a half page feature on Hedlund – he’s much better dressed in a trench coat and jeans – with a quote from GP at the end:

“I think (Garrett’s) going to be a huge movie star. He reminds me of the very lovely Brad Pitt. He has this country, earthy grit about him, juxtaposed with this incredible sensitivity. It is a very sexy combination.”

She would know, right? GOOP, of course, is Hedlund’s co-star in Country Strong. She’s obviously pimping her movie. And resorting to hyperbole in the process...? I guess I can see it, maybe. Now I can. But I’m fickle. Ask me in a month and I might say she was talking out of her ass.

What’s more interesting to me though is how rarely she goes there. Gwyneth doesn’t drop the Pitt card often, if ever. But she’s doing it for Garrett. Or, more accurately, for herself. She must have wanted this so badly. Today will be hard for her.

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