It was announced today that Gwyneth Paltrow will front the new ad campaign for TOUS Jewellery. The company is based in Spain. G is big in Spain. The ads will start in January for the Tender Stories Number 4 campaign. Here’s the statement released by the brand:

"We are delighted that Gwyneth is going to be the face of TOUS in our upcoming campaigns. As well as being an incredibly beautiful woman, Gwyneth is a talented actress who is able to transmit the essential value behind our brand: tenderness."

That word. “Tender.” I was just complaining about it the other night at dinner. That lately I’ve been turning on “tender”. It’s not as gross as “moist” but unless it’s used to describe a steak, or maybe my breasts when I’m on my period, although even that is borderline, “tender” gives me the skeeves. So while I’m all about Gwyneth all the time, I can’t say I’m looking forward to seeing her sharing “tender stories” in commercials about earrings.