Captain America: Civil War covers Empire Magazine this week, and while the actual issue won’t be out until Thursday, we’re getting plenty of teasers and new images up front, including my favorite, the Scarlet Witch, looking like her head was photo-shopped onto someone else’s body. There’s also the first clear look at Martin Freeman as Everett Ross, the guy who’s going to try and wrangle the Avengers through the Sokovia Accords, the film’s version of superhero registration. In the comics, Ross is tight with Black Panther and is one of the few outsiders granted access to Wakanda, in the movies, that may or may not be the case.

But the big news is that Gwyneth Paltrow will be back as Pepper Potts, after participating in the additional photography shot back in January. Lainey should be happy because she loves Pepper most of all. There’s no image of Pepper, and the January reshoots were not extensive, so it’s probably just a cameo, but I’m always here for more Pepper. I don’t get the people who bitch and moan about her—dislike Goop all you want, but she’s great in that role. Every time I see her and RDJ together I find myself longing for a Tracy/Hepburn-style screwball comedy starring them.

I also suspect if she’s added into Civil War—a movie that already has a lot going on—it’s not just because RDJ asked for a playdate. At this point, Goop’s contract has run out, so every time they bring her back Marvel is PAYING, and they hate PAYING. Which means they’re going to get their money’s worth. If Pepper shows up, even for two seconds, it’s because there is something particular we need to know about her in that moment.

Bonus Black Panther: There’s a squidgy photo of Chadwick Boseman as T’Challa, the man under Black Panther’s mask. He looks very normal. Don’t let it fool you. T’Challa is a stone cold badass and of all the future table-setting Civil War does, the movie it makes me most excited for is Black Panther.


Attached - Gwyneth signing copies of her book in Nashville earlier this month.