Last week Empire magazine ran their Captain America: Civil War issue and it included the news that Gwyneth Paltrow had filmed a “small but key role” as Pepper Potts during the additional photography in January and would be included in the movie. However, I have since heard that she is not in Civil War, though Pepper casts a shadow over facets of the story. So what’s the deal? Well, as I mentioned last week, Goop’s Marvel contract has ended, and bringing her back would have been hella expensive. There are ways to invoke Pepper without actually having to pay Goop to show up.

Besides, Civil War already has a lot going on. But I think the filmmakers—directors Joe and Anthony Russo, and screenwriters Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely—threaded the needle. I haven’t seen Marvel so hyped about a movie since Captain America: The Winter Soldier. They’re VERY confident in it, and it has done the thing Avengers: Age of Ultron couldn’t quite manage—it came through editing intact. No meltdowns, no tug of war, the initial vision for the project made it up on screen, and it’s an honest to god sequel to Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

Chris Evans, who was so nervous about taking this role, gets to close out his Cap trilogy on a high note, as the star of potentially the best comic book movie to date (Marvel certainly thinks so, but they’re biased). Certainly, it’s one that will prompt a LOT of debate. This movie gets ROUGH, and people are going to fight about the ending. What people won’t be fighting about? Chadwick Boseman and Sebastian Stan, poised to be the new Marvel stars after Civil War. They have all the coolest moments between them (Spider-Man and Ant-Man stand out, too). I’ll go back to something I said last year, which still holds up: “It’s a clever, crafty Black Panther and the ruthless Winter Soldier who make the most intriguing pair.”

Attached – Marvel has released new photos from Civil War.