It's Beyonce's birthday today. Why the f-ck are we working?!?

Anyway, in honour of this international day of joy, Gwyneth Paltrow just posted this on Instagram:


Happy birthday @beyonce We loooooove you with all our đź’•

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That's B and Apple ….so… you know, obviously, they still hang out. But unlike Taylor Swift and her squad, B and G don’t broadcast when they hang out. They just save up all their hang out moments and drop them on us like gifts. And that’s what Beyonce does for the world – she gives, always giving. Just by existing she is giving.

When it comes to squads, and the messages exchanged between their members, wouldn't you rather be privy to this one over Taylor Swift's? You know exactly what happens at Taylor Swift's. They all coordinate social media posts.

Gwyneth is currently in Mexico because she's the face of the new department store, Liverpool, in Mexico City. Mega pay day right there for our G. She wore 3 different outfits yesterday and probably spoke exclusively in Spanish because she's just so multilingual like that.