Two weeks ago, Extant, starring Halle Berry on CBS, was cancelled after two seasons. Today TMZ is reporting that she’s also cancelling her marriage to Olivier Martinez. It’s irreconcilable differences. And supposedly there’s a prenup so there shouldn’t be any money issues. As for custody of their 2 year old son, Maceo, TMZ claims that “Halle is not asking for joint or primary custody, but rather what is “in the best interests of the child”.

The best interests of the child was the issue between Halle and Gabriel Aubry. And it got super ugly. That ugliness dominated much of the relationship between Halle and Olivier too. An inauspicious beginning, if you will. Inauspicious beginnings rarely yield good endings, although, of course, that they share a child now is certainly not a terrible conclusion. It’s just, well, for Halle, there hasn’t been a lot of peace and happiness when love ends. And we’ve always wondered whether or not she’s attracted to what ultimately hurts her.