Massive premiere in London today – the final, final, FINAL carpet for the Harry Potter series in the motherland. There will be a premiere in New York on Monday but ... Harry is English, England is the heart of it. And here they almost all are to say goodbye and thank you. No, thank YOU.

F-ck me I am crying again.

It’s just...

You’ll know when you see the movie. Especially the three of them together, always the three of them together. Because, as Jo has always said, her story is about Love. Not the Romeo & Juliet kind, but the kind that exists between friends, friends for life, friends who live, literally for each other. And a friend who loves even when that love is not returned.

As you know, of all the different ways we can love that are illustrated in Harry Potter, Snape’s love, for me, is the purest. He loved in silence and sacrifice, without promise or hope.

Oh Snape. Oh ... Snape.

And Snape showed up. I am attaching Alan Rickman first on purpose because he’s the one.

And then JK Rowling and the kids. All four of them for the very last time at Leicester Square. SOB!!!

They did.

They cried tonight – did you watch the live feed? They hugged and cried and laughed and hugged and cried some more! I’m hugging and crying too! By myself! NERD!!!!!!!!!!

(No, I don’t like Jo’s dress either.)

As for Emma’s dress – so on the one hand I hate it because it’s so extra and the figure skating situation in the chest area and it’s just not all that original this Oscar de la Renta but at the same time, this IS the final, final, final London premiere for Potter EVER and she’s Hermione here for the final, final, final time in London EVER and, you know, if there’s any occasion to go balls out, it would be this one, right?

Love Bonnie Wright’s styling above the waist. Below the waist is a mess.

Oh and there’s Bellatrix and Molly and Dumbledore and the list is long and we love them all and it’s a week tomorrow – a week tonight actually – and you’re ready for this week ahead right? Harry Harry Harry. Please don’t go!

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