Amy Adams hosted the final episode of Saturday Night Live this weekend with some help from Kristen Wiig. One Direction was the musical guest. As per tradition, they all hit up the afterparty. And at the afterparty, he and Kristen danced to The Time Of My Life. As you can see from the two videos posted on Instagram below, he’s hard to resist. I mean, Kristen Wiig and I are exactly the same age. If she would, I would. If she wouldn’t, I still would.


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But are they?


There’s a model in the picture. Isn’t there always? She’s 20. Aren’t they always? They were first seen together in November. They’ve been hanging out together in New York the last couple of days. He was photographed wearing her coat. Click here to see. This is what she looks like:


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If it were Leonardo DiCaprio, there would be no need to discuss here. Leonardo DiCaprio always goes model. But Harry…

Harry, bless him, has shown us that he enjoys the company of an older woman. After a night of dirty dancing with Kristen Wiig, with the mind of a comedian and the body of a model, it’s not inconceivable that this one, this young Styles, would appreciate that. I certainly would appreciate that.