As previously reported, Taylor Swift and Harry Styles were on three straight dates this week in NYC, two of them resulting in sleepovers. On Wednesday night Taylor was in Nashville for the Grammy award nomination event. By last night though she was back in New York, and Harry was with her. And she introduced him to her famous friends, Emma Stone and Dianna Agron.

They all had dinner at the Crosby Street Hotel and someone instragrammed a photo -- it’s attached below. Taylor is sitting across from Emma. As you can see, they look like they’re having a great time. Harry is fully rolling with Hollywood now. And I like this move from Taylor, folding the boy into her life for a change.

After hanging out with her crew, Taylor and Harry went back to the hotel. Together. For another sleepover.  OMG, I might be obsessed with them. And just in time since Selena and Bieber are on their way down.

Taylor and One Direction are both performing at the Jingle Ball tonight at Madison Square Garden. So is The Wanted who are apparently dragging around that loser Lindsay Lohan these days and one of them has a beef with a 1D. And JB’s there too which means, sh-t, we may end up with a JB-Selena/Harry-Taylor double at the end of the night. Right now it’s good to be 14.