Nothing helps my Harry Styles problem. Or, at least he keeps doing sh-t to not help it. From wearing leopard print shirts to flopping his hair around to generally not being a robot or a Bieber, Harry won’t give me any reasons to not perv on him.

And now he’s playing golf. In Australia. Golf is my jam. I love golf. I love that Harry’s playing golf…but mostly I love that Harry’s playing golf carrying his own bag which means he’s walking the course. Walking the course is the proper way to play golf. Harry Styles plays golf properly. He might not play golf well, but he seems to be playing properly.

Do you know how much hotter it is when golfers carry their own bags? It adds something to their gait. I love watching Jacek from behind, walking in a line with his playing partner, heading up the green. Super, super sexy. And Harry now.