Whatever it is between them, this adorable thing, this affection, this crush, whatever it is I love it.

Here are Helen Mirren and Russell Brand at the premiere of Arthur last night and, certainly, while this little best friendship or whatever is probably being exploited a little but to sell the movie, I've no doubt it's rooted in something authentic. Wouldn't you want to hang out with them for a night?

Clearly Russell adores her. This is one of my favourite stories, as told to NYMag:

Well, this is a thing I’ve not told anybody else: There was a time when the button on my trousers was broke, on my costume trousers, and she [Mirren] said, “Oh, your trousers are undone,” or whatever. She sat down on the bed, and I sort of mimed in a sexually aggressive way, “Undo my fly.” And she went, “Go on, then.” And I remember I went, “Ahhhh.” [Brand mimes being embarrassed and running away.] (Source)

Cute, right?

Helen is hosting SNL this weekend. They've just released the promos. Please let her appearance be funnier than his. I mean, it wasn't awful. But I was slightly underwhelmed.

Also attached - Jennifer Garner in a grey cardigan that she thought might be more interesting if she turned it backwards. It's still kinda taupe.

Photos from Wenn.com and Stephen Lovekin/Gettyimages.com