Dame Helen Mirren was nominated for a Razzie. It’s for the movie Winchester. Didn’t see. Don’t think anyone saw it? Apparently enough people saw it to rate her performance. It was indeed poorly reviewed. And maybe that’s why she’s on this list. Because you expect someone like, say, Adam Sandler to be nominated for a Razzie. So I guess what they’re saying here is that Helen should know better? (Dlisted) 

Bebe Rexha is going to the Grammys as a nominee but she can’t find something to wear because designers apparently think she’s “too big" for their clothes. Again with this f-cking problem. And it’s always, bless him, Christian Siriano who comes through. As Julianne Escobedo Shepherd notes at the end of the piece, Bebe should definitely “name names”. But do you think she will? What are the upsides and the downsides of naming names? Should she? Would you? (Jezebel) 

Have you seen the current colour of Ansel Elgort’s hair? No idea if this was by choice or for a role. But, you know, this isn’t helping the fact that he consistently ranks high on that list of people with a certain kind of face. You know the face. (Just Jared) 

Leslie Jones has some thoughts on the new Ghostbusters and this is what Sarah was saying in her piece about it last week - that it’s like the 2016 Ghostbusters, you know, the one with the women?, that it never happened. Which only vindicates the assholes who tried to take it down. (Cele|bitchy) 

Oscar nominations are happening tomorrow. And the Oscars proper are happening a month from Thursday. I’m excited for that red carpet. But also I’m worried because, sometimes, there is such an aversion to risk on the Oscar red carpet that it becomes boring. Please, then, let us see someone take an actual risk and wear something from this collection. The most likely candidates are the ones who are not frontrunners. If you’re expected to win, you play it safe, I get it. But if you’re a nominee who probably won’t walk away with the award and you’re not contracted to a label (Emma Stone)…why not? Rachel Weisz, for example. Or Amy Adams. Regina King is currently the favourite in that category, despite not being nominated for SAG. Go for broke, Amy Adams! (Go Fug Yourself) 

Thanks for all your emails about the Fyre Festival documentaries and your suggestions that we should talk about it on Show Your Work. You’re right – it IS definitely a SYW situation or, rather, a NOT showing your work situation; Duana and I are recording tonight and I’ll pitch it. In the meantime, here’s an update on the chef, MaryAnne Rolle, whose savings were depleted and her reputation near ruined by the debacle. (Rolling Stone)