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The Crown cracks in season three

Sarah Posted by Sarah at November 21, 2019 21:21:53 November 21, 2019 21:21:53
Michael Kovac/ Araya Diaz/ Axelle/ Bauer-Griffin/ Getty Images

In its third season, The Crown experiences a reset, with a new cast coming in to play the royal family at a later stage in life. The Queen, now played by Olivia Colman, is in her middle life, older and no wiser as she navigates a changing world. The transition to the new cast is seamless, though the transition to a more recent period in history is not as smooth. Full Story

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The Crown Cometh

Sarah Posted by Sarah at November 14, 2019 20:49:15 November 14, 2019 20:49:15
Karwai Tang/ Mike Marsland/ Getty Images

The Crown season 3 drops this Sunday on Netflix. Early reviews are really good. It’s not like I expect a drop in quality, not from one of the most lavish and meticulously crafted dramas on television. I just wonder whether or not the issues currently surrounding the real Windsors will have any Full Story

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Mid-life Crisis Crown

Sarah Posted by Sarah at October 21, 2019 17:28:18 October 21, 2019 17:28:18
YouTube/ Netflix

The Crown season three is dropping at an interesting time. Peter Morgan, Netflix, everyone involved with The Crown could not have known that, of course, but as it happens, The Crown arrives at an existential crisis at the same moment that the British royal family is knee-deep in another kind of crisis. Full Story

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Andrew…no Rita? 

Lainey Posted by Lainey at February 8, 2019 18:24:03 February 8, 2019 18:24:03

In the previous post about Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper, I mentioned that this weekend in London is kind of like Oscar weekend in LA – you want to be seen, you want to hit the parties, to catch up with the right people, to line up your next opportunity, to be seen on the scene. Full Story

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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Dear Gossips,

This happened a few days ago but I feel like we need some friendship today. Rihanna friendship but enhanced by a sneak MVP. Let me explain.  Have you seen the clips of Rihanna on The Graham Norton Show with Sandra Bullock, Cate Blanchett, Sarah Paulson, and Helena Bonham Carter? I mean of course any time you add Rihanna on the couch and the conversation, it’s going to be better.  Read Full Intro

Ocean’s 8 is sparkling rosé on a hot day

Sarah Posted by Sarah at June 8, 2018 14:41:44 June 8, 2018 14:41:44
Wenn, Theo Wargo/ Angela Weiss/ Michael Stewart/ Michael Ostuni/ Getty Images

That is to say, it’s delicious and indulgent and something to luxuriate in: a treat. Do you want to have a good time? A good time shall be had. Do you want to ogle outrageous wardrobes and gowns? Ogle you will. Are you here for a cast of talented actresses clearly enjoying the hell out of each other? They’re here for you. Full Story

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HBC: Ocean’s to Bond? 

Lainey Posted by Lainey at June 5, 2018 19:45:10 June 5, 2018 19:45:10
Backgrid, Dave J Hogan/ Getty Images

Here’s Helena Bonham Carter arriving in New York today. Because tonight is the world premiere of Ocean’s 8, the movie I will be seeing this weekend. In fact, I just bought my tickets. In a theatre with full reclining seats! And in-seat service! And you? It’s a heist movie, with all women. Full Story

The hierarchy of Ocean’s Eight

Lainey Posted by Lainey at January 31, 2017 17:06:31 January 31, 2017 17:06:31

I am very excited about Ocean’s 8. The film, as you know, is the femme version of Ocean's Eleven, most recently led by George Clooney and Brad Pitt. Initial rumours had Sandra Bullock playing George Clooney’s sister. Full Story