Please click here for a refresher on the Henry Cavill girlfriend timeline I put together the other day. Repeat: Man Of Steel and Big Bang Theory are Warner Bros properties. And they’re both represented by the same publicity firm. The point is Cavill and Kaley Cuoco happened fast. And it’s still fast.

It was only Monday afternoon when US Weekly broke the exclusive that the two are dating, corroborated shortly after by PEOPLE. Just two days later, PEOPLE then published exclusive photos of the two hiking. And just hours after that, several agencies shot them at Gelson’s shopping for groceries yesterday. Holding hands. Coincidence or conspiracy? And why are we asking this question so often when it comes to these two?

Think of the paparazzi from a business perspective. If you’re making money selling photos, how often are you driving your car up to the trails, waiting around to get lucky? What are the chances that that pap just decided to park his ass there hoping that Cavill and Cuoco would show up for a hike? That’s one item on your gossip buffet menu. The other choice would be that these two couldn’t wait a week before calling the paps on themselves.

Predictable, right?

Back in February and in March, when he was still with Gina Carano, I was wondering how long Team Henry would tolerate their relationship and I kept saying back then that she was the most interesting thing about him.

What’s interesting now, and perhaps the worst part of all this, is that…well… he’s making James Franco, that smug f-cker, seem…right.

You remember Franco’s condescending description of Cavill in his Man Of Steel review for Vibe? Click here for a refresher. Below is a redacted version of his comments:

“What Henry took seriously back then was Superman. He wanted to be Superman more than anything in the world. Personally, I’m not sure why. But Henry was dying to do the Bryan Singer version of Superman that was being put together as we were shooting Tristan in Ireland and the Czech Republic in 2005. Henry was in the running but, in the end, he was passed over for Brandon Routh.

The night of the premiere I saw Henry from afar on the red carpet and knew this was the moment his whole life had been building toward. His dream had come true, and I was happy for him. It was the role he would have killed to do…”

Franco made Cavill sound desperate to be Superman, desperate to be a superhero, desperate to be a major movie star. Now, in the context of what’s happened this week, and what you’re seeing here, are you reading Franco’s assessment in a different light?