Apparently this has been happening for a while now though it’s the first I’ve heard of it, mostly because Henry Cavill doesn’t have that gossip “it”, you know?, so I barely pay attention. Until now. I’ve never been more interested in Henry Cavill...

Did you know Henry Cavill is dating Gina Carano? From the UFC? And Haywire?

Film Ledger reports that fans ran into them in Reno recently. Cavill supposedly broke off with his fiancée in August, met Carano in September, and they’ve been together ever since. Not a couple you want to pick a fight with.

Have you seen Haywire? I mean, it’s not, like, Zero Dark Thirty or anything but... I didn’t hate it. It knows what it is. And she’s good in it (even though that might not be her voice), for what she’s asked to do. I find her quite compelling and besides, the girl is a bad.ass.

Please let this last, at least until Superman opens in the summer so that we can see what this looks like on a carpet.

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