Someone wrote to me the other day after the Sexiest Man Alive handicap feature insisting that it’s going to be Henry Cavill.

If it wasn’t Henry Cavill when Man Of Steel came out, it’s probably not going to be Henry Cavill now. He has no profile right now. Superman isn’t accessible right now. Batfleck is the one with all the attention. So, until Batfleck vs Superman comes out – in 2016 – I’m not sure Cavill has a chance. Come on. Jacek can barely remember who he is and he runs an entertainment blog. Can you honestly tell me Henry Cavill is a household name?

Not yet.

But please, don’t be mad. Let me make it up to you. I just bought these photos of Henry Cavill, wearing his Superman suit, shooting Batfleck vs Superman in Chicago on Saturday night with Amy Adams, and bulging in the right places.

Still pissed?