We’ve all noted that Henry Cavill, despite being ridiculously good looking and obviously being made into A Thing, is kind of boring. For many of us, the most interesting thing about him is that he dates Gina Carano (which is totally hot). He certainly seems nice, and is well spoken bordering on soft spoken, but he’s kind of the most vanilla potential heartthrob out there, right?

Well not anymore. Now Cavill is letting his freak flag fly. And it turns out he’s a huge nerd. A few years ago Cavill was actively being told to keep his D&D loving ways to himself, but now—probably because the most enthusiasm anyone can muster for him is based on his choice of girlfriend—Cavill is hanging it all out and owning up to some serious geek cred. Here he is  on Leno last month talking about how he was a fat kid that got picked on at school…

It’s an anecdote he expands on in his new British GQ interview. They called him “Fatty Cavill”, and when you read the full interview, especially when he talks about how he trained for Man of Steel and was never quite satisfied, in the moment, with how fit he was, you can tell—that sh*t hurt him. And it’s stayed with him. And it’s maybe messed with his self-perception a little.

And it explains for his love of World of Warcraft and Skyrim, which is like WoW on steroids (plus dragons—really cool dragons). When Cavill talks about being a nerd and loving video games and fantasy novels and wanting to own a pegasus, I believe him. He isn’t fronting. Because no matter how hot he’s gotten—and he is so, so beautiful in Man of Steel—you can still see that kid in him, the vulnerable, lonely one who called his mom several times a day for two years while at boarding school because he was homesick.

For a guy who is playing literally the single most indestructible being ever, Cavill is showing a very soft underbelly. He’s not macho-ing it out like other actors. Rather, he’s fully admitting it: I was a nerdy kid that got picked on and so I retreated into fantasy sh*t and I still love it today, even when I don’t need it anymore.

It’s a really, really likeable sell. I don’t want to Freebie Five Cavill, but I want to buy him a beer. I want to hang out with him and play Skyrim and have the “shark vs. bear” debate. I want to know what his preferred method for slaying zombies is, because I’ll wager he has one. What house would he be in, if he went to Hogwarts? Would he rather live in The Shire or Rivendell? (Rivendell, duh—way better clothes/less body hair.) These are questions I think he can answer, and probably without much forethought. Because he’s a nerd who comes by it honestly, even though he grew up to be Superman.

Click here to read the full interview.