Dear Gossips,

It’s been a week. Should we keep it light to start the day? Because the only thing I’ve been doing since I woke up is cracking up over a video our friend Lorella sent to Duana and me this morning. I’ve watched it at least 8 times. And every time I lose it when the baby busts in like a badass on his feeding stroller. That kid is a boss! He just shows up at the door and wheels himself into the party after his sister already threw down a pretty killer entrance. How about when the mom finally wrangles them out of the office but has to dive back in to close the door?

The incessant wailing later on is pretty great too. Also, Lorella thinks he’s not wearing pants. Which adds a whole other layer of comedy to the situation.

As I may have mentioned before, Lorella and I are currently planning our trip to Graceland this summer. We have many things in common (mostly food and attitude related) but what uniquely connects us is our obsession with Elvis. Loving Elvis but also laughing at Elvis. Like, sometimes we call each other “Satnin” because Elvis had this really weird baby-talk thing going on and Priscilla wrote in her book that she’d have to talk it back to him sometimes. Example, if Elvis told her how much he cared about her, instead of saying “I know” Priscilla would respond, “her knows”.

See, now I’m losing it again trying to hear it in my head…while watching that baby rolling up into daddy’s space while he’s trying to, you know, inform people about the impeachment of the South Korean president.

Have a great weekend, Satnins!

Yours in gossip,