Last night at the Ottawa Senators game – all eyes on the two blondes.

Hilary Duff and Carrie Underwood are both dating players on the team. As you can see, Country Bitch, wearing a seven layer foundation dip (or maybe that’s Lilo’s spray tan?) knowing that she had some competition to contend with, tried to keep the scowling and the ducking from the cameras to a minimum.

But the two could not more different. Some observations from last night and also information about Hilary vs Country.

Apparently they did not talk to each other all night. No acknowledgement. Awkward. Hilary sat with a few other wives and girlfriends, giggling, talking, friendly, while Carrie remained isolated, choosing to associate only with 2 people who appeared to be from Mike Fisher’s family.

Carrie will only enter the arena via special entrance so that she will not be accosted by fans. Hilary on the other hand comes in through the main gates WITH EVERYONE ELSE. She’s also been seen at the concession, buying soda, not protected by an entourage.

Carrie has not been open to being approached, does not want to be put in the position of signing autographs, don’t speak to anyone, demands to be escorted to the private box and doesn’t leave the private box until the very end, and spends most of her time texting or yapping on her cell phone.

Hilary is enthusiastic, accommodates anyone who approaches her, seems to love the game, rides the highs and lows with the teams, fist pumps and cheers when appropriate, and is generally very well liked.

Interestingly enough, Carrie goes to church every Sunday with Mike and am told isn’t terribly warm there either. Mike is super devout. Of course everyone’s wondering if he’s waiting for marriage.

Please. Don’t even bother tut tutting. You KNOW you’d be talking about it too.

Needless to say, as far as Ottawa is concerned:

Hilary Duff > Carrie Underwood

Photos from the Ottawa Citizen and the Ottawa Sun.

PS. It was Underwood’s birthday on Tuesday. This explains perhaps the $5,000 Tiffany purchase?