Sean Penn, to me, is crusty in the worst way. He’s pretentious and self-righteous, he grandstands and has no sense of humour (remember his defense of Jude Law at the Oscars?). I find him insufferable.

Penn has always had a difficult and angry relationship with the paparazzi – his last serious altercation was 4 years ago (he’s 52). Yes you would think after all this time in show business he would take a page from Brange and learn how exposure (which includes candids) can help bring attention to a cause. Maybe grow up and evolve a little.

But he’s a sh-thead. And it appears he co-parents like a sh-thead too.

Hopper Penn (I hate myself for really liking that name) was heading to an appointment with his dad when they were photographed on the sidewalk the other day. TMZ has the video (of course) and there is some kind of skirmish but it’s impossible to see who instigated it. Either way it’s quick – about 20 seconds. Hopper engages when he could have easily walked away -- in fact he was walking away and turned around to continue the fight -- but instead called the paparazzo a f-ggot twice and ended his rant with the N word. Loudly and with a puffed chest. There was no shame there. If he knew he was being filmed (in this day and age, how could you not?), how stupid, entitled and ragey is this kid?


Hopper Penn’s choice of words is very …curious… for someone whose dad won an Oscar for playing gay activist Harvey Milk and continues, to his credit, to crusade for Haiti.

An apology was quickly issued by Hopper but the question remains: if there was no video, would he have copped to it? Hopper explained:

“I was accosted by paparazzi and made to feel like an animal - threatened and under attack, but that does not condone my own actions." 

“Threatened”, “under attack” – he was the victim. Just like when celebrities feel “raped” by the paparazzi. Rape is already dismissed, underreported and minimized by society – there is no comparison between rape and being photographed in a public space. Ever. Period.

So how exactly was Hopper under attack? He wasn’t hurt or held against his will and there was no imminent threat of either. He was on a busy city sidewalk and walked past some photographers. Yes it’s loud and there are flashbulbs, but this isn’t an attack, which makes his excuse bullsh-t. If he wanted to apologize for HIS behaviour, then he shouldn’t justify it with some self-serving rationalization about being treated like an animal.

If he did feel threatened, does it make his choice of words OK? And given his actions  -- throwing up the middle finger, swearing, shouting -- was he  really threatened… or trying to be threatening?

Here’s an entitled white kid who thinks he’s street, throwing around the N word, a punk who grew up wealthy with two famous parents and all kinds of privilege. His dad has been famous since the early 80s, so a few photographers are hardly out of the norm. He sits courtside at basketball games and attends red carpets. Come ON.

Oh and you know who Hopper didn’t apologize to? The guy he called an N and F words. But the photographer took his picture, so I guess he thinks they are even.

Hopper was born in 1993, Justin Bieber was born in 1994. What do these boys have to be so angry about?