Going by her Twitter and Instagram feeds, she celebrated by watching herself, obviously.

And stepping all over her 18 bikinis.

And prancing around her apartment in tight clothes with full hair and makeup.

No, seriously, that’s what happened. She tweeted a photo of herself on television performing on the NBC Macy’s Fourth of July special. And a shot of her dressing room, bikinis strewn all over. Are they all different sizes but re-labelled the same size? (Rumour has it, this is what her stylist does with her clothes. Buys an 8, changes the tag to a 4. I love this.)

About that NBC special…

I only watched the Hero performance on YouTube because Mimi retweeted compliments about it. Is it that the timing from this clip is off? Because, um, not even the talking part at the beginning sounds live. But they insist it was live. Did you see it? Was it really?