It started out great, didn’t it? Swoki happened with a romantic Rhode Island kiss on the rocks. Seems appropriate to use the word “whirlwind” to describe what followed the next few weeks with trips to Nashville, New York, LA, London, Rome, back to Rhode Island, and Australia. #Taymerica took over social media. And then…

And then she had to deal with the receipts.

And now…

Now Tom Hiddleston may have outplayed her in their breakup rollout. The headlines are out there already, either As IF-ing Taylor on the angle that she wasn’t into how public Swoki became or making a point that she can’t find a lasting boyfriend and is unlucky at love, because she’s too needy and/or because she’s too controlling and/or because she’s a bitch.

So how does Taylor Swift reset? And does she have the imagination to reset unpredictably? This is what I was hoping to see after the Reckoning of Mrs West. That having been exposed to be more calculated than she’d ever admitted to before, Taylor would drop the need to be perceived as an innocent wholesome and instead embrace her inner schemer. What will be the reinvention?

There’s always a reinvention. It’s a celebrity trademark. And Taylor Swift is due for one.

Her fan plane-trackers observed that she spent the weekend in Rhode Island, returned to NYC for a convenient set of smirk shots taken on Tuesday and by Tuesday night was back in Nashville. Nashville, where she describes herself as a “songwriter”.  

Is that the reinvention? Like Joni Mitchell/Carly Simon styles? Just Taylor and her guitar. The love of the music is all she needs. It’s the relationship that will never end.