So f-cking cute. Thanks to Alicia for sending this along.

A promo for Hugh Jackman’s upcoming appearance on Sesame Street. He’s with Elmo. And they need to concentrate. Sesame Street is like puppies for pussy attraction. Puppies, babies, Sesame Street. Right? And I’m not even into kids. You know I’m not into kids. But when a man goes to Sesame Street, he automatically brings the moists. It’s adorable. The perfect amount of cute without veering into Rossum gross nasty sugar twee. Watch. See?

Hugh spent some time with his family on a working holiday in Rio earlier this month. On Sunday he and his wife turned up at the Broadway opening of The View From The Bridge. His Sesame Street episode airs tomorrow.

Have you seen Jakey G on Sesame Street? Please. I know. Don’t fight it. Don’t fight the quiver.

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