Sir Ian McKellan. They should all speak with as much sincerity and compassion and intelligence and substance as Ian McKellan. Interviews these days are so f-cking bullsh-t …is it a reflection on the vapidity of the subject or the subject’s refusal to engage in anything other than innocuous banter for the sake of guarding privacy?

It’s possible to get personal without getting public.

Sir Ian McKellan does it very well.

But first, here’s Ian at the Only Make Believe 10th Anniversary in New York last night in support of programs that provide interactive theatre for children in hospitals and care facilities. He has presence, non?

Sir Ian was featured in an interview with Details last month and spoke candidly about coming out at 49, about having to hide yourself, about acting, about aging, about ripping pages out of the Bible, and about Gandalf.

He articulates his thoughts so beautifully and honestly, and the part about Tom Stoppard was a huge disappointment for me – Shakespeare In Love is such a wonderful screenplay – but there’s no denying, Stoppard’s insensitive and ignorant judgment is shared by many, even by those who profess to be “open-minded”. People suck.

On the subject of children though, I nearly cried reading what McKellan says about parenthood:

“I'm well aware that when I go, the London Evening Standard billboard is going to say GANDALF DIES. No, it's fine. Gandalf is a great character, and I ride on the back of his popularity, not the other way around. And you could say I've missed out on having kids but I've grandfathered so many children through the role.”

It’s a GREAT read. Click here for more.

Thanks Katie!

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