There was a rumour circulating earlier this week that they’d be announcing who will play Christian Grey in the movie adaptation of Fifty Shades Of Grey at Comic-Con. What the f-ck in the sh-t? WHY would Fifty Shades Of Grey be at Comic-Con? For what it’s worth, it’s been denied.

Here’s Ian Somerhalder in Lake Como, Italy working his best Christian Grey in a fragrance shoot for Azzaro. Somerhalder has been very …forthcoming… about his desire to play the character. So much so that it feels like it’s become a campaign. Sarah once said that it was unseemly to “beg” for parts. For this part, however, I wonder if that’s fitting.

Fifty Shades Of Grey started off as Twilight fan-fiction. Which basically means the author E L James didn’t find the source material enough to get off on and decided to write down all the things she imagined Robert Pattinson doing to her. James was recently invited to Pattinson’s for a party. Is that awkward? Oh hi, you used to rub yourself to me and now you’re in my house. Oh hi, I used to rub myself to you and now I’m in your house.

Sitting across from Idris Elba and Charlie Hunnam on the weekend, I can speak to half of that equation. Thanks God they didn’t know.