Pacific Rim opens on Friday. My interviews with the cast are airing all week on etalk. I’ll tell you more about Idris Elba, Charlie Hunnam, Charlie Day, and Ron Perlman tomorrow when I post the photos from the LA premiere which is happening tonight. Will Hunnam bring his girlfriend? Will she tell him to lower his chin?

Here’s Hunnam at Good Morning America yesterday. And Elba yesterday at Jimmy Kimmel. Is it worth it? Is it worth seeing Pacific Rim just for them? YES. First of all, Elba is a f-cking beast in all his costumes. And I prefer Hunnam with his hair short. God he is hot with his hair short, although, if I’m honest, there’s something he does, too many times, in the movie that’s kinda off-putting, which is…he walks around with his hand on his belt buckle like it’s a pose.

I know!

It’s a small, small thing to obsess over but, well, you go on Friday, and you tell me if it isn’t distracting.

The movie is an outstanding achievement in special effects. SO visually impressive it’s almost a shame so much of it happens in the rain, in the dark. For those you who are into the robot vs monster situation, who grew up obsessing on Godzilla etc, like Guillermo Del Toro, you won’t be disappointed. You will have a lot of fun. I had a lot of fun because, for me, Pacific Rim was basically Top Gun.

Charlie Hunnam’s Raleigh doesn’t always follow protocol. He loses his nerve after a major loss. But it’s time to save the world. And he has to step up. Only some people don’t believe in him. Like the Australian Chuck Hansen, played by Robert Kazinksy, who is Pacific Rim’s Ice Man, Tom Kazansky. Raleigh Maverick has a sexy instructor though. Instead of “Charlie”, her call sign is Mako Mori. This is Rinko Kikuchi, pretty much the only woman in the movie. But she’s Asian! And a badass. So… a fail on the Bechdel Test but at least we have some diversity in two out of the three leads. Also, Elba’s character’s name is Stacker Pentecost. Come on now.

This, then, is my recommendation for those of you who aren’t going in there as nerds – watch Pacific Rim with Top Gun in mind. You’ll have a good time.