Someone emailed me yesterday a video of one of Tom Hiddleston’s many appearances in LA last week during which he attempts to imitate Idris Elba, and several other people. Nope. I’ve attached the video below. It happens around the 1 hour 11 minute mark. It’s great that he’s willing to play. But these impressions, it’s too much, too f-cking much.

And besides, here’s the real Idris Elba in London the other day at his Superdry launch. Please note the way he’s wearing his pants, wearing the f-cking sh-t out of those pants. I have just sent this to my husband with the message title “your life goal”. 

In other Idris news, it was just announced this morning, heads up if you live anywhere near London, Ontario, Canada – Idris is coming to Western University, my alma mater! He will be the featured guest at the Leaders in Innovation Dinner on November 10. Click here for more information.