I’m sorry.

I’m sorry that I can’t post more photos.

I’m sorry that the goddamn photo agencies didn’t bother taking more photos. I’m sorry that Idris Elba, a nominee, wasn’t important enough for them to want to take photos. I’m sorry that the demand for Idris Elba photos is so low that the photographers would rather spend their energies elsewhere. After all, how many blogs hit up Idris Elba on the regular? How often are those blogs asked to hit up Idris on the regular?

This may because you haven’t watched Luther. (Or The Wire.) And you should. Luther is my jam right now. But Idris Elba? He’s been my quiver for a long time now.

Look at him.

Getting loose at the HBO after-party. Please. More of this. PLEASE.

But..um... maybe less of the below?

I tried very, very hard to like Luther’s singing. Wasn’t successful. Am now trying very, very hard to un-see and un-hear it. You?

Private Garden from Crystle Clear Roberson on Vimeo.

Photos from Jeff Kravitz/Gettyimages.com