The impossible might be possible. I WILL FIGHT YOU FOR THIS POSSIBILITY so watch your hair because my fingers are coming at that ponytail…even though this is supposed to be for charity.

Idris Elba is making himself available as your Valentine for a good cause. Have you watched this yet? I giggled the whole way through the first time. Like with my hands covering my face, as if he were actually speaking only to me, directly. The second time I laughed even harder at the comedy of it all. When he eats that candy heart, all slouched in the chair, with his arms flopped to the sides I f-cking lost it.

God, can you imagine? Having dinner with him? Would you eat? You might be too nervous to eat. But you must eat. Because it’s not like for real he’d take you home. What he will do is take you somewhere renowned for good food. And you won’t have to pay for it. Free food and champagne while looking at and talking to Idris Elba. It’s going to be the best meal of your life.

F-ck that. It’s going to be the best meal of MY life. You should still give money though. It’s a great organisation.

Here is Idris at the airport in Vancouver at the end of December.