I LOVE these pictures. SO much.

First of all because it’s not every day you get pictures of my Summer 2010 obsession Sara Carbonero and Iker Casillas. But also because of all the drama that’s happening between these four – there’s girlsh-t and there’s a cockfight, and it all results in a PDA throwdown at a tennis match, while cameras are rolling. Beautiful.

All of them, actually.

I mean, I’m no fan of Cristiano Ronaldo – he has been infected with Ebola Paris Hilton virus after all – and I’m not into his style either but I’m not going to try to pretend that he’s ugly. He’s not ugly. His girlfriend Irina Shayk, SI cover model, is definitely not ugly. Iker is not ugly. Um, hell no. And Sara… Sara is the most gorgeous of them all. To me, anyway.

So here they are, all four, at the Madrid Open the other day. Iker and Ronaldo, for those of you who don’t follow sports smut (Duana), are teammates on Real Madrid. Last year Iker’s gf Sara, a sports tv presenter, supposedly talked smack about Ronaldo and his selfish play. She backtracked later on but there was some tension which they say they worked out.

Let’s play Photo Assumption on Irina’s face in the first photo.

Does it look to you like they’ve worked it out?


It’s amazing!

Because the two couples then proceeded to try and out-hot each other with their hot Latin caresses! As you can see – they battled HARD. Kisses, lingering gazes, neck nuzzles – these four came to PLAY.

I’ll give you a minute to enjoy. I did. Several times.

Now who wins?

Well, I’m not exactly an objective observer. I go with Iker and Sara. It seems less rehearsed, less waxed and greased, much more sincere.


Thanks Irena!

Photos from G Tres/Prisma/Splashnewsonline.com