It’s an In Touch Weekly story, and as you can see from their cover this week, it’s not like they hit the right spot very often, especially as it relates to the Brange, who most certainly did not throw down on the carpet in Cannes (!!!), but their Josh Brolin exclusive with a seemingly incriminating photo just might be true.

Check out this photo of Josh in New Orleans on location of Jonah Hex tucked between the legs of a local woman called Melissa. Apparently they were seen at a bar together one night last week, openly kissing, she was sitting on his lap, he was nibbling on her ear, and at one point her legs were wrapped around his waist. They were then spotted doing the walk of shame together the next morning in the same clothes.

Brolin’s rep has vehemently denied the allegations but…

He and Sean Penn had quite the reputation last year. And you know, Sean isn’t exactly a bastion of fidelity. There were many nights when Josh was his wingman and the two would stumble out of some bar together forgetting that they had wives.

Is it possible that for once In Touch got something right?

Josh Brolin, like Sean Penn, an arrogant unfaithful douche?

Disappointing. And so cliché.

But this is Hollywood. The crazy thing is Diane probably knew. And probably won’t leave him. Look at Robin Wright.

More details are in the magazine including eyewitness accounts of Josh’s behaviour.

Photos attached of Josh and wife Diane Lane together at the end of March and at the Oscars.


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