One of the main features of this blog, and maybe the reason it exists, is to celebrate Mariah Carey and, in particular, the fact that she doesn't walk. I have dedicated probably hundreds of posts to this beautiful truth. All of those articles were uploaded with joy and gratitude. But none of them can now compare to this one and what you are about to see.

Prepare yourself. Do not waste this moment. Don't throw it away like it's just some 15 second clip that doesn't deserve all of your attention and respect. You will regret it.



#MariahCarey nos bastidores da #1ToInfinity

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Please note that Mimi's amazing mode of transportation is likely exclusive to her. This cannot be purchased. This was constructed specifically for her need - which, as you know, is to never have to walk, ever, ever. So they jimmied a chair onto a rolling dolly with what looks like a pretty decent steering handle while everyone else has to use her legs, as makeup artists struggle to catch up AND powder her, and an assistant holds her mug, with a straw, and the microphone.

This woman has figured out how to live.

And you can save your energy because if you are about to write to me and tell me she’s useless or ridiculous, basically anything short of BELOVED and EXQUISITE and SPARKLING and, obviously, SKINNY, please know that you will be ignored. Because I can’t help if you don’t get it.