Let’s start with Bonnie Wright. She’s tiny. Was wearing flats, as was I, and we’re the same height, only she’s thinner, though not unhealthy. Very still, small movements, extremely articulate, quite reserved. Funnily enough, it’s the Weasleys with the low energy, and Harry and Hermione who are much more animated.

Bonnie isn’t shy though. It’s just her natural demeanor is super, super calm. Like she probably never raises her voice, is always chill but thoughtful, mature but not condescending, definitely guarded but not rude, hard to read but not intentionally mysterious. Looks exactly in person the way she does on screen. Did NOT like her hair at the NY premiere.

As for Rupert Grint – when I interviewed him 2 years ago and the year before that he was short on creative answers. Everything was: yeah, it’s great, yeah, it’s fun, yeah, I enjoyed it.

Almost every journalist there had had the same experience, and had already spoken with him several times. So all of us were pleasantly surprised when the first reporters exited Rupert’s room describing that this time around he has more to say. Not a lot more, but more than before. And this is true. He still seems a little spaced out, his expression doesn’t change much, neither does the tone of his voice, but this time around Rupert is definitely chattier, offers more detail, and longer answers, and appears to be interested, and is also much cuter, wearing the same scuffed shoes he was wearing on the previous 2 occasions, and better dressed now too, in a trendy striped short sleeved shirt over black jeans with floppy hair. Hate to break it to you but he’s not tall. At all. 5 ft 7? At most?

And that’s still 3 inches taller than Daniel Radcliffe. What I love about Daniel Radcliffe is that he’ll likely never wear Tom Cruise high heels. He seems extremely secure about his shortness. And also what he calls his other limitations to becoming a heartthrob. DanRad told me he’s enthusiastic, the opposite of a brooder, not at all “the guy you need to figure out”, concluding that “girls these days don’t seem to like that”. Awwwwwww!!!

But it’s an astute observation. There really is no mystery about Daniel Radcliffe. Whatever you want to know he’ll tell you. He’s excited about everything. Genuinely excited. And happy, genuinely happy, to talk to everyone. He doesn’t sulk, there’s no attitude, he’s not cool, he’s just really, really nice. At one point he needed a break – probably for a cigarette (apparently he’s a “furtive” smoker), we smokers know each other – and came out of his suite and apologised to the media waiting for him, promising “I’ll just be 10 minutes, I swear!” before skipping (he’s very excited almost all the time) down the hall.

Daniel Radcliffe is a polite, exuberant, engaging, likeable person who doesn’t think these attributes are sexy. He’s wrong, non?

But I’ve saved my best for last. Am obsessed with Emma Watson. As Duana wrote to me on Saturday: yeah, I think she’s the sh-t.

Emma Watson is TOTALLY the sh-t.

I spoke to her near the end of the day. She was tired. She’d been at it for hours, journalists every 5 minutes asking probably the same questions. Dressed casually in leggings and white flats with a grey cardigan, very plain, minimal makeup, hair messily tied back, and SUPER gorgeous. The loveliest skin, the most beguiling little face. I could tell she was tired. I’ve seen her with a lot more energy.

And I could sense that she was over it.

But the difference between Emma Watson and Miley Cyrus/Lindsay Lohan/Vanessa Hudgens is that she’s too well mannered to let it out. Emma Watson stayed in the game. She was present. No exasperated sighs, no eye rolling, no curt responses, no darting her focus around, no fidgeting from boredom. Instead she went into detail about Hermione and Ron, she gave a great answer about the Deathly Hallows, and when I turned the conversation to fashion she totally lit up.

Your immediate answer will be to say that this should not be considered exceptional behaviour, that this is what’s expected of a well raised young adult. I agree. But I’m telling you. It doesn’t work out that way in Hollywood. Not at all.

Which isn’t to say that Emma can’t be a brat. There’s a brat under there for sure. A spoiled 19 year old brat. All 19 year olds should be a little bratty and spoiled. I saw it on Saturday afternoon when we walked past her at Miu Miu, calling the shots on the shopping, and dragging her handler around. But it’s not offensive, it’s not objectionable, and it’s not mean. It almost adds to her amazingness. Because otherwise, without it, she’d just be bland and Rossum. Yeah, she’s the sh-t. She should give lessons on being the sh-t.

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