Dear Gossips,

Yesterday (over afternoon tea at The Langham – because what else do you talk about over finger sandwiches?), Lorella and I exchanged anecdotes about our favourite subject: Elvis. This is one of the bonds of our friendship. Years ago we discovered that we both went through a period of Elvis Obsession when we were about 12 years old. Which is how we became Elvis scholars. It’s almost embarrassing the amount of random sh-t we know about Elvis because we’ve read so many Elvis biographies.

And then it just so happened that Priscilla and Lisa Marie were in Vegas yesterday for the opening of Graceland Presents ELVIS: The Exhibition, The Show, The Experience. F-ck. Do you know Lorella and I both had early copies of Priscilla’s memoir Elvis & Me, the best book ever? I can’t find mine anymore because my parents kept moving. And Lorella’s fell apart from overuse. If you come across one, contact me immediately and let me know. I’m not ordering it online. It has to be a FIND. Anyway, we’ve just killed a lot of time this morning revisiting our Elvis memories. Like the time Richard Nixon gave him that “Narc Badge” even though all Elvis ever did was get loaded. Seriously, no one did gossip better than Elvis. He was the ultimate drama queen.

Anyway, amazingly, the Elvis exhibit is being housed at Westgate which is why David Siegel was there. You don’t know this name offhand. But you must know his wife, the Queen Of Versailles. Right? If you haven’t already, please watch this film immediately. You will love it. The idea that the Queen Of Versailles and Elvis are now linked is beautifully hilarious.

Have a great weekend!

Yours in gossip,