Dear Gossips,

Maybe it's because I'm getting old, but right now I'm always thinking about "this day last year". What were we talking about on April 25, 2013?

Well, Gwyneth Paltrow had just been named PEOPLE's Most Beautiful. You were livid. Then she showed up at the Hollywood premiere of Iron Man 3 in that dress, you remember that dress? That dress exposed both sides of her body, and more. Everybody was talking about it. Then she kept talking about it. What? Her bush. On Ellen. She said she likes to work a 70s vibe. And now we can't go a week without hearing about her friend Cameron Diaz's bush. Cam's crusading for bush preservation. She wants us to bring back the bush. That's easy to say for those who have soft fluffy bushes. Asian hair is often not soft or fluffy. It's straight and sharp. It doesn't nestle. It pokes through underwear and other clothing items like a needle.

So there you go. On this day last year, we were all about the bush.

Am travelling today from Chicago to Los Angeles. My flight leaves O'Hare at 10am local and it's almost 5 hours to LAX. Unfortunately this was the only option I had for scheduling. A few articles have been pre-written overnight and I'm hoping to get on the wi-fi on the plane. Sometimes, though, the on-board internet is super slow. Will try my best but it may be a lighter day.

Have a great weekend!

Yours in gossip,


PS Thanks to those of you who came to #ListenToTheSquawkingChicken and gossip last night at Anderson's Books. Leila, Diane, and Deanne came all the way from Philly! And S Jolie -- it was so great to finally meet you.

PPS. Tonight it's Book Soup LA!