Dear Gossips,

Yesterday was supposed to be a big day for Madonna as the Ghosttown video was scheduled to drop at 1pm. I set the alarm. I couldn’t wait to see it after wrapping The Social at 2pm. Turns out I wasn’t missing anything. Because Meerkat, the app that had the exclusive on the video, was down. You know how she is. You know how she rehearses the sh-t of her sh-t. And that she hates this kind of sloppy. But it was sloppy. And I feel like the last few months of this album release have been much sloppier than we’re used to seeing from her. No one is harder on herself than Madonna. She has set the standard of best expectation for herself, so when she doesn’t meet that, no matter who’s to blame, it kills her.

But first…who IS to blame? It’s not like there weren’t other apps, other options, options that have proven track records. She pays people to advise her on the best decisions. So someone on her management team made the suggestion. And now she has to wear the embarrassment. Someone must have lost an asshole for it. Guy Oseary? Ashton Kutcher? They are the first names that appear in this article about Meerkat’s investors.

I *think* they’ve now pushed Ghosttown back to today at 1pm ET. Here’s the link. Will post about it later if it works.

Yours in gossip,