Dear Gossips,

According to multiple reports, One Direction is going on hiatus. Apparently they won’t be touring their fifth album and, starting in March, will take a year off to pursue their own projects. Boybands don’t last forever. And let’s face it, they peaked a year ago.

Still, everyone’s been stressing that this is not an official “breakup”. Oh but it never is, is it? And then 3 years go by and you stop caring and then they announce a comeback because none of them have anything better to do. Or only one of them has something better to do and doesn’t want to ever get back together again, unless he’s receiving a lifetime achievement award.

I’m not an expert on the 1D discography so I don’t know if they have a built-in farewell song. Like the Spice Girls and Viva Forever. Do they? If I were their producers/managers, I’d write one now. Make as much money as possible with the time they have left.

Hasta manana
Always be mine…

“You mock my pain!” said Buttercup. If you have a One Directioner in your life, answer with Wesley’s response:

“Life is pain, Highness!”

We’ve all had to go through it!

Yours in gossip,