Dear Gossips,

Britney Jean Spears was born 30 years ago today. Don’t roll your eyes. Because even if you don’t care anymore - and many people would stand up in a room with cameras rolling and declare, proudly, that they still do (hi Dean!) - at one point during the 12 years she’s been famous (OMG I am old), you did care, a LOT, at least for 5 minutes. And you totally know the line that comes after this:

My loneliness is killing me...

Now it’s in your head!

Sorry about the light day yesterday. I was slammed at work hosting a luncheon and then a 3 hour shoot. Today is much more manageable. Promise to make up for it.

Thoughts on the National Board of Review Awards? Mine are coming later but first ... a fist pump for Tilda.

LifeStyle has been updated today on leather blazers, white pumps, and Jessica Biel with another great appearance at an airport.

Have a great weekend!

Yours in gossip,