Dear Gossips,

It was a very good Christmas for Angelina Jolie and Unbroken. So even though the midpoint of the month was sh-tty, with the rise of Oscar Aniston and chickenpox and emails and hacking, it would appear that the Brange will go into 2015 with some momentum. Unbroken exceeded expectations at the box office and that’s good timing because Oscar voters are coming out of Christmas weekend with nominations to deliver.

Did you know that several departments of the US government, including Veterans Affairs, sent emails out to employees promoting the film? Also, according to Deadline, Unbroken “played very well in middle America” and appealed to “faith-based crowds”. Prominent Christian leaders endorsed the film. My first thought after reading that this weekend was…

Oh yeah, Brange got married this year, didn’t they? Coincidence or conspiracy?

There’s your MiniVan Majority influence. Will it be enough to get Unbroken to the Oscars? Nomination voting begins today on the news that the film opened strong. Voting runs until January 8th so, now that her spots have probably cleared up, we could see the Jolie emerge for a late stage push on the success of her film. She and Aniston will know for sure on January 15 when the Academy announces.

Yours in gossip,