Dear Gossips,

If it was a long weekend for you as it was for me (Family Day in parts of Canada/Presidents Day in the US), I hope you’re rested. Because, finally, it’s Oscar Week!

But first…

Chinese New Year on Thursday!

We have a few more signs to get through before then. And since we missed yesterday, we’re doubling up today on the Monkey and the Rooster.

For those born in the Year of the Monkey, “STEADY” is your word during the Goat/Sheep. Keep everything level. No risks. No major decisions. For example, this might not be the best time to buy a house. Everything requires careful consideration this year because you’re getting ready for next year, the Year of the Monkey. So, instead of being aggressive, you’re conserving all of it – your money, your energy. Because you’ll need it in reserve. Be careful driving and remember, this is not the time for spontaneity and impetuousness. This is not the time to challenge.

As for the Rooster, I mentioned last week when I was writing about the Rabbit that there are three lucky signs during the Year of the Goat/Sheep. Rabbits are one. And Roosters too. It’s because the Goat/Sheep and the Rooster are well matched. In fact, the Goat/Sheep can help the Rooster. If you’re a Rooster and you encounter some difficult situations this year, the Goat/Sheep might be able to block it for you. Or, at least, lessen the hurt. The Goat/Sheep can turn a level 5 fire into a level 2 or 3 fire for Rooster. In other words, if you’re a Rooster, the Chinese Squawking Chicken isn’t worried about you this year.

But don’t sit around and selfishly bathe in your good luck. Instead, Roosters, use your luck to help others. Volunteer. Listen. Be generous with your time and attention – with family, friends, colleagues. Because what you build this year, especially your relationships, will benefit you later on. The people you assist this year could come back and help you in the future.

You know who’s a Rooster? The Carters, Beyonce and JayZ, are both Roosters. And their kid, the Blue Ivy Carter, is a Rabbit. Like you needed any more reason to be around them…

Two more sleeps until the New Year. Did you tidy this weekend? Did you clear out all the clutter? Good luck doesn’t come visit when there’s a mess.

Yours in gossip,