Dear Gossips,

Tonight! The Boy Next Door!

Sarah was all pissy about it yesterday when we were texting. Her words: “It is sh-t”.

Yeah. So?

Joanna saw it last night at an advance screening. Her review will be posted later but she emailed me this morning with the following:

“You're going to LOVE IT. It's ridiculous. Why don't they make movies like this anymore???? The sex is GREAT, the movie's not... but it's bad on purpose. Would still recommend. ... Just expect to roll your eyes and laugh. A lot.”

I will. I know I will. I can’t wait.

As you’ve seen, JLO’s been all over the place this week hustling her movie. Last night, it was Watch What Happens Live. She was on the couch while Ryan Guzman got stuck behind the bar. Andy Cohen called it out right away though – this guy is SO hot JLO, I hope you’re f-cking him.

Please be f-cking him.

I want to be convinced that she’s f-cking him. And their reaction when Andy goes for that, am I reading too much because I want it be true? Because, like, I felt something. It’s just that… God… I want her to f-ck someone hot for a change. And even SHE knows that she keeps f-cking gross people:

"I would say my type of man is, I like manly. I don't like a softer edge. I like somebody to make me laugh. But type-wise, I'm not a looks person. I don't know if you noticed, over the years.”

HA. I love her right now. I can’t take my eyes off her right now.

How does someone look like that???

The entire segment is fun and entertaining and she’s charming and hilarious. And for JLO, Britney > Mimi. Heh.

If I could live-tweet at the theatre tonight I would. Because it should always feel like this to go to the movies. To be SO excited about it you can’t think of anything else.

SAG Awards on Sunday. Recap coming on Monday.

Have a great weekend!

Yours in gossip,