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Pop Gossip Quiz: you know what happened on this day, January 7, eight years ago? Right off the top of your head, you remember?

January 7 was the day (it was a Friday, at the very, very end of the work day) that Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt announced they were done. Just the day before, they were photographed on holiday with Courteney Cox in Anguilla. A now-famous shot was circulated around the world of the two holding each other on the beach, kissing tenderly, Brad wearing a shirt with TRASH across the chest -- looking back now it was obviously, at the time, a fond, affectionate, bittersweet goodbye. (To see all the photos, click on the DATE of this article in big blue print MONDAY JANUARY 7, 2013 or the READ FULL INTRO link below.)

Jen and Brad were with us from 1998-2005. They’ve now been apart longer than they were ever together. Brad and Angelina have now been together longer than Brad and Jen were together. Will it still matter in another 8 years? The better question might be: will they, the three of them, still be trying to make it matter in another 8 years?

OK so break time is definitely over. It was a big weekend leading into a big week, the first in a succession of many big weeks, for 8 weeks straight, until Oscar. We are officially on award season schedule. Which means the column will be heavy -- Sasha and Duana are posting new advice and name nerd articles today, and Hayley too, with carpets and candids in between, we’re adding a new recipe feature on the LifeStyle page, and Dean’s finally writing about why Katy Perry sucks. And much, much more. Please refresh often.

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