Dear Gossips,

Serena Williams defeated Maria Sharapova in straight sets yesterday at Wimbledon to get to the finals. You know what I don’t appreciate? Because I’m so superstitious? People are already handing her the win. Don’t call a shutout before the shutout, right? Stop this now. Please stop. This is not a lockdown. Muguruza has beaten Serena before.

Serena has beaten Maria 17 straight times. 17 times! Guess who makes more money? Did you know that Maria Sharapova DOUBLES Serena Williams in endorsement earnings? Serena Williams. She holds 35 grand slam titles (including singles, doubles, and mixed). Maria Sharapova has 5.

So…um…why do you think that is?

Drake was there yesterday supporting Serena during her match. And then he also showed up at the presser afterwards, prompting a reporter to ask whether or not he’s her “lucky mascot”. She rolled her eyes. He covered his face and laughed. And then she basically killed the speculation by calling him her brother. Cute.

Anyway. No more jinxing Serena. Shhhh…

Have a great weekend!

Yours in gossip,