Dear Gossips,

I had three text threads going last night about Justin Bieber’s dick. And on top of that Jacek and I were discussing whether or not he boosted it before those shots were taken. But let’s not rush. We’ll ease our way onto (the subject of) JB’s penis later this morning.

For now, we’re starting with Beyonce. Last year, it was announced that B was collaborating with Topshop on a line of athleisure wear. It was supposed to come out this fall. A couple of months ago there were rumours that the launch would be pushed back to next year. Yesterday, it was reported that Beyonce, Jay Z, Rihanna, Kanye West, and Pharrell had filed a joint complaint against French clothing company ElevenParis for using their likenesses and slogans etc without permission. Seems pretty straightforward. What’s weird though is that according to the complaint, Beyonce is accusing ElevenParis of breaching the “terms and conditions” of a secret deal that she made with them in January “by selling unlicensed merchandise”. And Solange fronted a campaign for ElevenParis right around that time. Secret deals… Solange...

Coincidence or conspiracy? My eye is twitching, is yours?

Click here for more information about the complaint (thanks Rae!)

Yours in gossip,