Dear Gossips,

If it’s a major event, Leonardo DiCaprio will want to be there. Check him out at the US Open men’s final yesterday with Adrien Brody, the ever faithful Lukas Haas, and also his current bonafide, Kelly Rohrbach who, as we’ve been told over and over, can totally “hang with the guys”. Does that mean she’s The One?

Well, he took Toni Garrn to the US Open too. And the South of France. So it’s not like anything about his life ever changes. The only thing that ever changes in fact are the models. They transition in and out while all the other patterns remain the same.

It was a heavy weekend so it’ll be a heavy blog today with TIFF reviews and gossip and everything else that happened outside of Toronto, including the princess’s new fringe. The LifeStyle page was updated several times over the last couple of days too. You can check it out here.

Yours in gossip,