Irina Shayk was at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in Paris yesterday. And right around the same time, E! News reported that she’s pregnant for Bradley Cooper. Do you feel like that kinda became the story? I mean, sure, I’m still seeing all kinds of articles about Gigi and Bella and all the other headlines but, by far, the biggest headline has been about Irina on the runway and what she wore and whether or not a baby bump was covered up, right? Coincidence or conspiracy?

If it’s a conspiracy, that’s a baller move. How do you make your mark at an event when you’re just one of thirty or so of the most desirable angels in the world? If it’s a conspiracy, I’m impressed.

Anyway, according to E!, Irina is about 5 months. I wonder if this f-cks up any tabloids that were trying to report that they’d broken up. Coop is clearly straight up committed to this relationship, even if it means Leo’s disapproval. So far, though, no official confirmation has come from either her or from Coop. I’m not sure we’re going to get one either though. It’s become kinda considered low classy celebrity to issue a press release about being pregnant and in the next breath insist that you’re a private person. Which might be why Irina had to be creative.

PS. A few people have sent this over to me today. This is Bradley Cooper’s sister’s Twitter account. The way she’s phrased this is cracking me up.  

PPS. Does anyone else have Victoria’s Secret fashions show fatigue? I feel like we’ve been forced to care about it all week. Enough already, God.