On Friday the latest rumor about Superhero Face Punch, which has been filming since 1997 at this point, hit the internet and it’s one of the more interesting assumptions about the movie we’ve heard yet—Jena Malone might be playing a female iteration of Batman’s sidekick, Robin. Lainey texted me about this, wondering if Malone leaked the info herself, which she has been known to do, but not so this time. This information, if true, comes from a dumbass extra on set, who is now in violation of the non-disclosure agreement Warner Brothers made him sign. He could be sued for up to $5 million.

There is a leap being made with this information, though. The extra says that Robin “is a female”, the reporter assumes that Malone is playing Robin. But there is precedent for a female Robin, aka Carrie Kelley, from Frank Miller’s series The Dark Knight Returns, which is one of Zack Snyder’s primary sources for Superhero Face Punch. And Malone has been seen on set, plus she appeared a couple weeks ago sporting a new red haircut, which is reminiscent of Carrie Kelley. Check out the similarity:

So is Jena Malone playing a female Robin? We don’t know for sure, but The Hollywood Reporter confirms she’s in the movie, in an unspecified role. If it is true, this isn’t a case of Malone promoting herself—she hasn’t said a word. I hope she is Robin. WB/DC’s casting has been on point, and they’ve been doing a good job of diversifying roles; a lady Robin would be a great addition. Besides, the last time we saw Robin on screen, it was Chris O’Donnell in Batman & Robin. Yeah, let’s do the opposite of that.