Here’s JLO yesterday at a press conference for her upcoming movie The Boy Next Door. It looks crazy sh-tty. So, obviously, I can’t wait to see it. And I mean that with my soul. Like I’m finding someone on the first weekend to go to the theatre with me. Probably Sasha. She won’t even have to be convinced.

JLO will be presenting this weekend at the Globes. She’s also on television every week now as American Idol has resumed. And she’s working on a Vegas residency deal. It’s a busy time. It’s been a busy 6 months. A very solid and single 6 months. Apparently she actually said on Idol this week that she’s a good girlfriend and wife but “I just picked the wrong f-cking guys”.

Um. She goes back to the wrong f-cking guys too.

ET reported earlier this week that she and Slum Bear Casper Smart spent New Year’s together and looked like they’ve reconciled. So that loser spent 6 months on his own and no one gave a sh-t about him and now she’s let him back in. I’ll never, ever understand.