I’m not finished talking, thinking about JLO. Sorry.

It might be because we’re talking about “booty” on The Social today, the artwork she released for the upcoming single. I sit across the hall from Traci Melchor and Danielle McGimsie. As I’m writing this, there’s an intense discussion going on in their office about JLO – her eye makeup, her hair (that perfect ponytail), her ass, because she’s pointing to it, she’s making it the conversation, and, basically, her everything.

#bootyfromtheblock #bootyandthebeat #naturalbooty #bootybootybootybootybootyeverywhere #jlobooty #LOL

Her caption. Her words.


I believe it’s natural in that she was born with it. But I don’t know that it looks like this without lighting and retouching. Whatever. They could light and retouch the sh-t out of my ass and it wouldn’t turn out like this.

You know why?

Check her out in sweats the other day leaving a gym. It’s insane! Who looks like this?

A young producer, he’s 23 years old, then argued that she’s “irrelevant”. That nobody knows her songs. That American Idol is all she has. And American Idol is sliding anyway. Now this is the debate. JLO is certainly not irrelevant to me, to my colleagues 35+. But…but…but…

Is she irrelevant to the 30 below? To the Miley generation?