As reported earlier -- click here for a refresher, the Daily Mail ran a story about Jessica Chastain dating Tom Hiddleston. Gossip Cop cites a source close to Chastain who denies the claim. What did I tell you? I hate when good gossip comes from the Daily f-cking Mail because ... well...this is what happens.

I did however post blurry shots of Chastain and Katie Holmes on New Year’s Eve at the Coldplay/Jay-Z concert. According to Allison who sent me the pictures, Chastain was “canoodling” with the mystery man to her left....which was basically your invitation to examine every pixel. You did. And many of you have decided that it’s not likely to be Hiddleston but much more likely to be Chastain’s co-star Jason Clarke. They worked together on two movies released this year: Lawless and Zero Dark Thirty.

Here they are in Cannes for Lawless leaving the Palais after the premiere. Didn’t she shout Jason Clarke out on stage when she won her Golden Globe? Like, specifically him, out of all cast members of ZD30?

Is Jessica Chastain’s boyfriend Jason Clarke?